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I help ambitious professionals ignore the negative roommate voice in their head (you know, the "I'm not good enough" and "I'm going to fail" commentary), believe they are enough, challenge any lingering self-doubt, and launch into the life they deserve. 


I'm just like you. 

I've spent years not only working as an entrepreneur, but working with entrepreneurs and driven professionals -- the doers, dreamers, and (*ahem*, former) self-doubters. I love how great it feels to work together to unpack the thought patterns and actions that are robbing you from living your best life, whether that's running your own business or climbing the corporate ladder like a boss.

Because I've lived it, and somehow thankfully survived burnout, I understand that, although the chase for "more" is exciting, it can be exhausting, lonely, and feel endless.

Let's work together so you don't have to be "that bad", "that lonely" or "that unmotivated".

I help you manage your life so you can better manage your work.

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I'm a clinical therapist. 

I'm a Registered Social Worker (MSW RSW) with a clinical practice based in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to technology, I support my clients all over the province and my designation and credentials mean that my sessions are often covered under your extended health benefits plan. In our work together, I provide a comfortable and safe environment for you to explore your challenges, identify your strengths, build personal understanding, and develop the skills required to feel better. I take a collaborative approach to therapy built on trust and openness, and I tailor our sessions specifically to your needs, wants, and goals.

I also run my own therapy clinic, Shift. I always say that finding a therapist is kind of like dating -- sometimes it takes a few bad dates before you can find the best partner for you.

While I enjoyed being a solopreneur, being a one-woman-show just wasn't conducive to enjoying time with my dog and catching up on self-care, so I launched Shift, an in-person and video-based therapy clinic in Toronto, Ontario. Taking care of our mental health is important, and finding the best fit for your needs takes work. At Shift, you will find my hand-picked team of colleagues who are all high-caliber therapists and even better humans. I feel so grateful that I get to share this journey with each of them.

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I'm a speaker and workshop facilitator.

As an East Coaster, I live up to the stereotypes -- I am never at a loss for words, and I love to tell stories. I also love to educate and remind others that we are all more than just one story, especially the stories that we tend to define our worth by. I visit schools, corporations and start-ups to shake up their view of mental health by offering relatable education, workshops, keynotes, and training in moderation and practical skills. I like to show people that we can have fun while learning how to take care of our mental health!


I'm a podcaster.

Do you ever feel like you're faking it? As though everyone is going to realize that you aren't good enough? Yeah, I've been there, too. In 2016, I met Jordan Axani by chance. At the time, I was a busy therapist, and Jordan, a speaker, was travelling around the continent delivering his mental health keynote What's Your Big Lie?. We soon realized we shared a similar interest in imposter syndrome, and were surprised at how it had impacted each of our journeys. (Spoiler alert: a lot...). 

After a number of chats, often about our similar experience of living with the "I'm not good enough" type of thinking, we decided to take a leap as strangers and launch a podcast called Impostercast. It would explore the moments in life where we fake it the most.

To our surprise, it took off and soon became a top-20 podcast on iTunes, demonstrating that so many of us feel like we're faking it everyday.  As it turned out, we weren't alone in our imposterdom.