Introducing the "Spring Tune-Up"

Spring is here (finally)! Mother nature is transitioning us from a stagnant winter to a time of renewal, growth and change.  Spring lends to us a feeling of hope for what's to come and a desire to purge the weight of winter to allow us a sense of lightness in our being. 

For many of us, we follow a tradition of spring cleaning. A ritual that helps us to clear the clutter of our lives that has accumulated over the winter and allow for space to start anew. Like the arrival of spring, our minds can use a time of change. A shift in perspective, a defining of goals, a seeking of answers and desire for growth. My clients often tell me they are most inspired in spring as they can feel change in the air. It's electric. I want to help guide you into your goals through thoughtful reflection, concrete strategies, and allowing a respectful space of sharing and openness. 


That's where the "Spring Tune-Up" comes in. I'm offering a three session package of in-person sessions (weekly for three weeks) to transform you from the winter state of mind to one of increased motivation and hope. The Spring Tune-Up is aimed at providing direction and guidance on how to maintain this sense of hope and challenge any clutter in your mind that may be distracting from and inhibiting your ability to change. I'm offering this package for $285, a savings of $75, for new clients who would like to set goals, develop strategies to meet those goals and challenge old ways of thinking to make way for new perspectives. 

For more information, please contact me via email at or fill out the contact form here for a quick reply. I look forward to ushering in spring, reducing mental clutter and inspiring change! 

Favourite Books List

Spring is on it's way...(or so the calendar wants us to believe)...

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
— Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

I've been doing some spring cleaning and spent some time going through my bookshelf and looking over the self-help books that I love the most. If you see me for therapy you already know how much I love to encourage you to do some reading between sessions and I have likely recommended some relevant readings to you. I find I tend to recommend a lot of the same books (my favourites and the ones I get the best feedback about) over and over so I decided to add a favourite books section on my site so you can be in the know and even pick up a few of them for some summer beach reading (I'm kidding, sorta)! 

I will be working hard to update the list as I go and to also write some blog articles on why they are my favourites. With these great updates to technology, I have even included the links to the books with an area to click should you wish to purchase it on Amazon (full disclosure: if you do buy the book from the "buy now" button I do get a very very small percentage of the purchase from Amazon). I added this feature out of sheer convenience but wanted to be open with you, as you already know transparency is a super important part of my therapy practice.

You can find the list here or under Therapy Services; Favourite Readings. Let me know what you think about the suggestions and if you have any you just love that I don't have on this list.

Till next time, M.